10 August 2008

Vacation: Prince Edward Island

Finally, we arrived in Prince Edward Island driving over the Confederation Bridge. I could not believe I had finally made it. Anne of Green Gables is my all-time favorite children's book, so this was the Motherland for me.

When we went to Green Gables, I could not stop smiling. I loved, loved, loved this. I could have stayed there all day walking the few trails around the house and soaking up the atmosphere. Other kindred spirits were there, despite the rain. They had smiles on their faces as well.

They sold Raspberry Cordial in the Butter Churn Cafe at Green Gables. Finally! I got to drink some cordial (and not currant wine). It was wonderful. I bought two bottles and shipped them home.

The Haunted Wood stood very near the front door of Green Gables. And it was spooky! I managed not to frighten myself too much. I did not want to be forced to render myself unconscious!

Cavendish Beach, part of Prince Edward Island National Park, was near Green Gables. The water of the northern Atlantic was quite cold.

The North Cape had a wind farm and the glorious red sand found across the island.

West Point Lighthouse did not technically open to visitors until the day after we were there. But the proprietor was there, and she let me go up into the light. There are two hotel rooms in the lower portion of the lighthouse. The steps higher up the lighthouse become very steep and very narrow, and my legs hurt for two days after my visit.

The PEI countryside was just stunning. The red fields and the farm houses looked like something from a postcard - or Anne of Green Gables.

Point Prim Lighthouse is the only round lighthouse on PEI, and the only brick lighthouse in Canada.

After all the fun in Prince Edward Island, it was time to return home. Back to the USA, next.


The Bouldins said...

so. jealous.

Treasures By Brenda said...

And I am so jealous, too. (Even though I have been twice, you made me remember...)

I have written a page Anne of Green Gables Books By Lucy Maud Montgomery
that you might find interesting. It includes lots of information on what is happening in 'Anne's world' right now which includes the new books, the anniversary celebrations around the world and the highly anticipated television movie coming out this fall.


Treasures By Brenda said...

And I should have said that you created a beautiful page about your vacation!

Brenda, Again