26 January 2010

Walk Across Texas

Some co-workers and I are participating in a little exercise competition. It's called Walk Across Texas, and the goal is for the team to walk (or exercise in any way) across Texas.

My employer has given us all a chance to form teams of eight, and the teams will compete against each other. Our team – the SuperSonic Jets – is determined to win! Each team member has to walk about 13 miles each week to make it the 830 miles to El Paso.

The competition began last week. I "walked" by riding our stationary bicycle the equivalent of 3.5 miles almost every day. Last week I made it 22.75 miles. This week I will far surpass that.

Typically, I exercise four days a week by doing either Wii Fit or Wii boxing for about half an hour and then swimming and doing water aerobics for another half hour.

But in order to Walk Across Texas, I have been riding the stationary bike and then swimming for 30 minutes each. That gets me more mileage.

I'm not the only one who's working out. A friend of mine is chronicling her own journey to get in shape. Good luck to her!

Also – go SuperSonic Jets!