21 August 2008

Other San Diego Adventures

While my main reason for going to San Diego was to attend Comic Con, I went a couple days early. I wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo and see the pandas.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a snow leopard, too. It was sleeping up high and only its head was visible. But I saw it!

Along with adorable sleeping koalas,

meerkats that my cat would love to have for playmates,

a rhinoceros taking a bath,

a giraffe trying to eat,

the giant pandas playing happily,

zebras drinking heartily,

okapi hiding in the trees,

giant tortoises sunning (or playing dead),

and these cute little klipspringers posing beautifully!

The zoo was really nice, although the map left a lot to be desired. I enjoyed seeing the animals. And I was thrilled the pandas were out and awake and playing!

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