16 March 2015

Neighborhood Beauty

Yesterday I took a walk through the neighborhood and made the conscious decision to look for beauty. I think we too often take our everyday surroundings for granted and forget to recognize what is around us.

Most people probably don't think they live in particularly lovely locations. I've never really thought my little spot of the world was exceptional. I live about 15 feet above sea level and about 20 miles from the Gulf. That would be great if I were a fan of the beach, but I'm not. There's nothing wrong with it; it's just not my scenic preference. But since I don't live in my ideal location—and admittedly, I'm not sure it exists except in my imagination and maybe a national park—I set out on my quest today. I needed to find some beauty.

And I did.

One house down from mine is this lovely tree surrounded by decorative cabbages.

The bark on this tree is fascinating.

All the pollen in this tree making it look like streamers.

These trees against that gorgeous blue sky. We've had almost two and a half solid months of gray, cloudy skies. Anyone can see the beauty in a blue sky after that!

The rain still standing in the roads because that means it has rained. After several years of drought, the rain is welcome. Even the mosquitoes that will come later!

This fabulous mailbox which is a replica of the house at the address.

These gorgeous azaleas which apparently didn't care about not getting much sunshine and decided to bloom anyway.

This house, which is my favorite in the neighborhood. I wish I could see what it was like inside.

This field, which proves there is still some greenscape in the neighborhood.

This beautifully-shaped crape myrtle which holds the promise of stunning loveliness.

These little clover blooms. I know clover is a weed, but I love it. I suppose it's the Irish in me.

This lantana, also ignoring the lack of sunshine over the past weeks.

This redbud tree. Doesn't it look glorious against that sky?

The shape and color of the green tree branch against the blue sky.

These purple beauties in the sunshine.

The nests in the tree.

Whatever this is—I'm actually terrible with plants and never know what I'm looking at except when I've been forced to learn.

This gorgeous live oak. You can't really see it in this photo, but ferns are growing on some of the branches! This tree is amazing.

This flowering pear tree. Mom and I looked these up because they are blooming all over the area this year. Maybe they do every year, and we've never noticed. Or maybe the weather was particularly conducive to a fabulous flowering frenzy this year.

This terrific cedar that has ball moss growing on it.

This wonderful flowering tree.

The shades of green on these trees. It's just spectacular.

These fantastic decorations.

And the fiery red on the hedges.

I found all this beauty in a hour-long walk through the neighborhood. Eventually, I'll look farther out into the rest of town. Until then, look for the beauty in your surroundings.