09 June 2011

Vacation: The Trip to Scotland

We flew direct from Houston to London. During the flight, I watched Season of the Witch with Nicolas Cage, and it was awful - a prime candidate for a bad movie night with a group of friends. I tried sleeping, but it was difficult. The flight was quite rough. Mom said it was the worst flight she had ever been on.

Although one person didn’t find it difficult to sleep. I don't how he could breathe with that blanket wrapped around his head.

Once we arrived in London,

we took the Tube to Euston Station and picked up our train tickets for the trip to Edinburgh. But our train didn’t leave until midnight, and we had almost 12 hours to spend in London.

Since the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton had happened less than a week before our arrival, Mom and I went to Westminster Abbey.

The flowers and trees placed in the church for the wedding were still inside. Pictures aren’t allowed inside the abbey, but I sneaked this one of the trees.

The trees were just as lovely in person as they were on television, but what the TV cameras didn’t really pick up were the flowers. They were subtle and scattered throughout the church in just the right places lending the entire abbey a sense of the outdoors that was not there when we first visited in 2009.

After that visit, we hung around the train station and people-watched for many an hour. Finally the train arrived. We took the Caledonian Sleeper from London to Edinburgh. The hall was tiny.
The room was tiny.

The bathroom was down the hall, and the faucet didn’t work. But after being awake for nearly two days, we slept.

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