03 June 2009

Vacation: Old Sarum & Stonehenge

From Salisbury we traveled to Bath. On the way there, we stopped at Old Sarum and Stonehenge.

All that is left of Old Sarum are ruins of the former castle and cathedral. The drive up to the (small) parking lot was a one-way street with a blind turn. Naturally, another car was headed down the drive as we were moving up. Talk about scary!

While the unnecessarily narrow drive irritated us, we were flabbergasted to see families at an English Heritage site playing soccer and croquet. We'd never seen something like that in the U.S. It struck Mom and me as odd.

After Old Sarum, we drove to Stonehenge. It's one of those sites you hear about and read about and see on television and movies, so I couldn't wait to see it. Seeing it from the road, it looked so small!

Once we parked and walked up to the structure – at least as close as you can get – the size seemed more substantial.

But Stonehenge never looked as big as I thought it would!


The Bouldins said...


"the unnecessarily narrow drive"

I don't know why that cracked me up as much as it did.

Any mystical Stonehenge experiences?

SKJoiner said...

No, no mystical experiences, unless you count it being so windy and cold that I didn't have to wait very long for my hot chocolate to cool off before I started drinking! That was certainly unusual for me.