03 September 2018

12 Books About Working #resist

A Handful of Stars
written by Cynthia Lord

A Visit to the Gravesens' Farm
written by Alice K. Flanagan, images by Christine Osinski

Brave Girl: Clara and the Shirtwaist Makers' Strike of 1909
written by Michelle Markel, images by Melissa Sweet

Daisy Saves the Day
written and illustrated by Shirley Hughes

Fancy Party Gowns: The Story of Fashion Designer Ann Cole Lowe
written by Deborah Blumenthal, images by Laura Freeman

Fannie Never Flinched: One Woman's Courage in the Struggle for American Labor Union Rights
written by Mary Cronk Farrell

First Day In Grapes
written by L. King Pérez, images by Robert Casilla

Harvesting Hope: The Story of César Chávez
written by Kathleen Krull, images by Yuyi Morales

Ice! The Amazing History of the Ice Business
written by Laurence Pringle

Kid Blink Beats The World
written and illustrated by Don Brown

Mama's Coming Home
written by Kate Banks, images by Tomek Bogacki

Night Shift
written and illustrated by Jessie Hartland

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